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  • Benefit from our global information network with data on more than 200 million companies in 100+ countries. As a leading credit insurer, we rely only on authoritative and trustworthy data sources.
  • Take informed business decisions and get a clear vision of the creditworthiness on specific companies with the possibility of continuous monitoring.
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Know Your Customers:

Identify and onboard new commercial partners. Manage your KYC processes and assess financial key data with the assistance of Coface Business Report.

Choose a concise or in-depth version: Snapshot Report or Full Report.

Leverage our global network and extensive payment records. We offer you sufficient information to know who you’re trading with.

Evaluate Your Risk:

Assess your sales prospects, check clients, suppliers and trade partners' trustworthiness though they are located on the other side of the world!

Adjust proactively to evolve in your business.

Reduce your credit management administration and allow you to grow your sales safely.


Get support from
our experts:

We have more than 75 years of experience. We are present in 100 countries with 700+ credit risk experts, ensuring proximity to you with a dedicated team for a personlized service to meet your needs.

Benefit from the expertise of Coface, a global leader in Trade Credit Insurance and access its unique global information network and its risk analytics to help you in taking better business decisions.

Coface Business Information
At Coface, we are able to provide critical insights relying on our extensive information network.
Back your decisions with our Trade Credit.

 KNOWLEDGE IS KEY: Our extensive information network provides critical timely insights when you check your customers, prospects or suppliers' risk levels. This makes it easier to grow your business, respond to critical risks and prevent bad deals.

Our Information Product Range:

Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA)

Get access to the most up-to-date insights into business insolvencies. The Debtor Risk Assessment (or DRA) aims to measure the probability of a company defaulting on a payment over the next 12 months. The assessment is calculated using different indicators such as financial strength, profitability, solvency, environmental factors and management of the company.

Credit Opinion

Get an expert risk underwriter’s view on your credit decisions today. Monitoring your customers can be challenging, especially when they are located in a different country.

To make your life easier, our local experts do the job for you. Updates on first signs of financial problems and other important changes support you in taking the right decisions in advance.

Information Reports

Non-payment risk prevention begins with gathering relevant and up-to-date information on buyers and their environment.

Snapshot Reports provide essential and concise business information data while Full Reports offer comprehensive and extensive information allowing in-depth analysis of the credit risk of the company.


To manage your portfolio at your fingertips, we have advanced online tools to support you.

  • CofaNet Essentialour product online management tool
  • ICON - new business information platform
  • API Capability – Integrate the ordering process directly into your own CRM, ERP systems and websites

With our tools, you can:

  • Order new report
  • Monitor changes
  • Access order history
  • Request collection action
  • Follow collection progress

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- Your new business information platform - Insights for trade

We are a global leader in trade credit insurance,
recognized expert in trade risks

With our unparalleled footprint in more than 100 countries

  • 11,000+

    Business Information
    Clients Worldwide

  • 50+

    Centers Dedicated to Collecting,
    Processing and Analyzing Risk Data

  • 200 Million

    Companies in Our Database

  • 400+

    Debt Collection Experts

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