Coface North America Updates


Please call the Employee Hotline number below for updates:
609-469-0400 ext. 8.

IT Hotline:

Return to Office Reminders

The majority of NAR has returned to office two or more days a week.

Please note if you are entering a Coface office in Princeton, New York, Irvine, Toronto or Pointe Claire you are required to fill out a daily health questionnaire before or upon entering that office.

Please bookmark the hyperlink to your browser. Please also be reminded that you must wear a mask at all times in the office and public areas of the building(s) when away from your desk.

Click below to access the daily health survey:

NAR COVID Prevention Training

NAR COVID Prevention Training is required by all employees. 
Please complete this short training at your earliest convenience. The training is now available on the Coface North America SharePoint site.